Civil Liberation Part 2

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Civil Liberation Part 2

Postby ChaoSquid » 20 February 2018, 02:52

Map Name: Civil Liberation (Part 2)

Map ID: chaosquid-pbcivil1-2

Map Description: "After exiting the simulation, you go to your boss for the news on your success.

So uh, I got a bit burnt out on PB2, and took a long break from it, but I decided to start working on the map again. Sorry for taking so damn long with this; its probably worse than the first map in this series, but I might be wrong.
I also attempted a bit of dialogue, although Im not a writer, so its probably poor and unnatural sounding. And unfunny. Other negative words.
If you have any criticisms, please let me know, and rate fairly."

Map Page Link:

Map Demo Link: ... pbcivil1-2

So yeah. Here's the second part of CL. took me long enough, hot damn... Don't have much to say, other than I kind of feel like it was a bit of a failure, which is part of the reason I made that Target Prioritization Tests map. I just feel like I've been getting worse. There's a lot of little touches, although the gameplay is kind of lacking, in my opinion. The third part will hopefully be better, and will hopefully not take me THREE MONTHS.

There is, also, a secret level. It might be ridiculously hard to find, though. Not sure. I'd post all of the stuff for it here, too, although I'm not sure if it's against the rules to post two levels in one, and I'm for some reason a little conflicted on if I should give it a post or not, since it's technically part of CL Part 2, and would be in the same map, had it not been for the trigger limit and stuff.
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