Sugesstion for flags in PB 2.5

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Sugesstion for flags in PB 2.5

Postby Pvt Gas » 21 April 2017, 12:05

Hi folks, i was preety inactive last months, so im back :p , I got some new ideas for flags in pb 2.5. You see, for last 2 zears i was asking myself why is there USSR flag and there is no NATO flag? I was little bit sad bcs of that missing flag, so that is why im giving idea to create war flags in new series. I mean, i know to USSR is nation and NATO is only pact and there is difference. You could live in USSR bcs that was state but you couldn't live in NATO bcs that is just organization xd, but NATO gaves you better life than commies... HEHE i just started politics theme but nvm that is not the point, point is that we need new flags, not only state flags, but pact flags.
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Re: Sugesstion for flags in PB 2.5

Postby mrblake213 » 21 April 2017, 12:59


(every topic in pb2 forums ever)

What flags are you talking about?
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Re: Sugesstion for flags in PB 2.5

Postby tehswordninja » 29 April 2017, 05:05

Zero idea what Nato and the Soviet Union have anything to do with this but ok

I don't think adding flag objects in which you can edit the flag itself and use it as a decoration would be that far out of the question
who needs a PB2.5 release date, anyways?
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Re: Sugesstion for flags in PB 2.5

Postby JDC5 » 6 May 2017, 01:58

I think your drunk

*hands water bottle and crackers*

ps. This topic made no sense whatsoever

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Re: Sugesstion for flags in PB 2.5

Postby GhostX5 » 7 May 2017, 21:50

I don't get it why this topic's posted about some flags, why is it posted anyway?

You meant, like Team vs Team style of flags, like Blue Team vs Red Team? Anyway, USSR, I like Blue vs Red flag better than that.
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