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Plazma League off season Update #1

Postby Bryguy4280 » 31 July 2020, 23:00

Greetings again to previous participants or brand new followers of PL. After awards and accolades were presented during the end of Season 3, we have been working behind the scenes to continue the content we want to provide for those still dedicated to having fun through Plazma Burst 2. Throughout this announcement I want to detail what we've gotten done, what we plan to do, and what the future holds for a new season.

To start I want to give credit and thanks to Arthur and Walian who took over for Spartan on the official cards which are detailed with the information directly from Season 3 that we compiled over the events progression. For individual category tracking though, that credit as well as the card development goes straight to them for their efforts to improve Plazma League. However as much as I know players are eager to see their cards, I have decided to save them until we have a definitive answer for the date of Season 4. However for those looking for a more in-depth approach to statistics, I have given permission for both of them to reveal information collected and documented through spreadsheets to determine the cards credibility.

Moving on to what still needs to be done, there are several major things I'm going to have to amend and revise: the manager guidelines, specific moderation guidance, rule application, rule clarification, match security, capturing footage of matches, trade system accountability and insurance protection, and finally a decision to move forward if old multiplayer is proving too difficult to manage as an event attempting to hold integrity and fairness. I could break down into all this information but there are some key ones I want to explain the reasoning for. Manager guidelines for matches were immediately invalidated early season when managers, who agreed to run teams before a season even started, began dropping like rain from the server rather then remaining to finish a season. With this factor, keeping manager replacements up to date on rules was near impossible in my position while I had to manage the event in so many other categories that I had no time to teach and when I did it was probably poor on my part. Next which is a big thing to discuss was security issues towards the end of the season. As many players know who watched closely, there were several blunders that occurred during the finals when IP checks were used for the first time after a players movement was near identical, just by watching, to a completely separate registered account and after a check was done, an immediate ban was issued not only for cheating, but I believe account sharing which is against Plazma Burst 2 rules. Which is where rule clarification comes in as I intend to describe more intensively what we don't allow and the severity of certain circumstances surrounding match offenses committed by one or both teams. Finally though I want to talk about New vs. Old multiplayer which I know I'll receive flack for, but yes I am going to do what I can to figure out which mode will most benefit Plazma League as an event rather then fan favorite, as eventually when PB3 releases we will all have to get used to new development regardless.

Now talking about the future of PL, observing the participation from S3 I was genuinely surprised when I saw as many faces as I did return for old fashioned competition and bragging rights. There were ups, downs, mutes, bans, suspensions, and memes but the true fact of the matter was we completed another season even if we barely scratched by. With this in mind looking to the future I'm extremely optimistic of what is to come, and excited for who could possibly participate. Our draft system and manager applications always ensure new players are given a chance to participate in some way, shape, or form. As for all of that though, that's all the information I have for now but I want to give some secrets which are currently being worked towards: custom symmetrical maps designed specifically for PL, Plazma League Hall of Fame, and forum revision are all currently on the table to be worked on in the future along with all the other individual amendments I mentioned but as for the forums, I plan on utilizing the site more then what I did in the previous season so expect lengthier announcements to appear in a forum link for future reference. I hope everyone has a great day and I'll return with another update when we are ready to do so. Don't forget to ask questions about clarification because my dms will be open again to whatever wave of confusion I need to quell. (If you have recommendations I won't turn them away either okbye)
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