[Approval Removal] Tburn-shotgun

[Approval Removal] Tburn-shotgun

Postby Silent Aurora » 6 November 2017, 23:14

- I have read and understand fully the Required Reading for posting a Map Approval Request: YES
- I have read and understand fully the Map Approval Rules: YES
- I have confirmed that this map is currently approved: YES

- Map Name: :.|~Shotgun 1.0~|.:
- Map ID: tburn-shotgun
- Link to Map Page: http://plazmaburst2.com/?s=9&a=&m=tburn ... &id=378976
- Link to Map Demo: http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=tburn-shotgun

- In a few words, why do you think this map should not be approved?: EG, Outdated, unfair, map glitches present, etc

unfair, broken triggers

- In detail, why should the map not be approved?:

To start off with, this map is easy to farm off players through spawnkills when played on DM mode or TDM mode. Why? Since the map is close-compact, this means there isn't much flexibility with spawns. The shotgun fire rate + spread is enough to spawnkill continuously if someone camps either at the top half of the map or either 2 sections of the bottom half. All it takes is for two people to just spam and camp in one spot and the kills are rolling in.

Red arrows show the camp spots which gives a disadvantage over other users, all you need to do is either spam across or spam left+right switching fast at the bottom. You would think the teleporters would counter the campers? wrong. But that's a whole different issue which I will cover next. Now with this being said, honestly it shouldn't be approved if it's easy to farm off people. Better to have it unapproved as it will decrease the chances of people ragevoting and destroying the map makers LDR.

Now for the teleporters, they do not work at all. The map maker didn't even make the teleporters correctly and placed the regions right since you don't even get teleporters when moving in. You need to jump and even then it takes about 2-3 jumps for it to work. So there are faulty teleporters. Second of all, the thin walls at the top are useless as the shotgun bullets are powerful enough to simply glitch through and cause more spam and chaos.

Overall design and outlook of the map is uncomfortable to navigate through and doesn't give the users the ability to remotely move around because they will either get spawnkilled or get stuck.

- Any other comments: No comment.
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Re: [Approval Removal] Tburn-shotgun

Postby Dandamage » 6 November 2017, 23:35

Tested it myself both in singleplayer and multiplayer. In Coop mode it works fine but in DM and TDM it's a total campfest, since people just spawn in the middle of the crossfire and you just need to sit in one place and spray.

It either needs to be edited or unapproved.
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Re: [Approval Removal] Tburn-shotgun

Postby Kiriakos Gr96 » 6 November 2017, 23:46

The map is not bad to be removed but it needs update to be good enought for dm and tdm games for coop there is no problem.
I would suggest some changes,the map is small for 3vs3 it will be better 2vs2 also the thin walls should remade or change to something else also the teleports need use activation.
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Re: [Approval Removal] Tburn-shotgun

Postby lostmydollar » 7 November 2017, 08:46

Agreed. The map is broken and it's design is too primitive.

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Re: [Approval Removal] Tburn-shotgun

Postby Ty Q » 8 November 2017, 18:15

For some reason, the teleporters work fine for me. There's just a little delay in between uses.

And if someone is spamming and/or camping, I'd do the same for any map: leave it and join a new one.

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Re: [Approval Removal] Tburn-shotgun

Postby lrv » 19 November 2017, 17:52

I think I know wshat broke the teleporters. But the map is much to compact and small for good matches...
I agree with the removal request.
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Re: [Approval Removal] Tburn-shotgun

Postby ultimas » 26 November 2017, 05:56

I don't just because you dislike something doesn't mean you have to take it away from someone else for your sake at least he tried like guys if this was your map ou wouldn't want it down because you know it took you time and you made this for people to enjoy
So stop playing this map if you dislike it this map did not do any harm jeesh
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Re: [Approval Removal] Tburn-shotgun

Postby Silent Aurora » 27 November 2017, 22:21

Map has been unapproved.

Topic Locked.
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