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Re: [Edit Request] x death-realwar

Postby Resi » 13 September 2018, 16:45

phsc wrote:for real, youre retarded, not even kidding, ofending someone by saying "emotional as a female"
thats hte most neckbeard thing ive ever seen in my life

And it's also "more or less fine" to our staff :)
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Re: [Edit Request] x death-realwar

Postby Hikarikaze » 13 September 2018, 17:05

Has the staff even been notified about this topic? I imagine while they're wasting their lives at Discord that someone would have at least told them

wreak wrote:How did you guys go completely off topic like that? I find it funny af tbh even though I am single.

ontopic: I feel as though a real alt route would help fix the solution. And have the original copy in unapproved. Approval is already dead anyways so no one cares about kills anymore. We just want to have fun of what's left of pb2.

I think adding cover to the map or having another lane would be an okay compromise, but the total number of lanes in the map shouldn't exceed more than 2 as to keep things simple. Anything more would be unnecessary

Though if an extra lane was added, it should be an underground tunnel or something close to one. Anything above ground level, which I personally don't like in alternatives like teh's version and firetiger's version besides the current starting weapon sets in those maps, would likely give a height advantage and promote spam more because of the increased likelihood to hit headshots unless the weapons in question weren't capable of reaching beyond mid-range like the SMG class for example

Resi wrote:
phsc wrote:for real, youre retarded, not even kidding, ofending someone by saying "emotional as a female"
thats hte most neckbeard thing ive ever seen in my life

And it's also "more or less fine" to our staff :)

As long as it's not opinions that they personally don't like, anything is "more or less" fine to them
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Re: [Edit Request] x death-realwar

Postby tehswordninja » 14 September 2018, 02:27

This topic has been filled with off topic posts, general toxicity, and overall unwanted behavior. Therefore this topic's being locked. I figured I'd be the one to step in, since the topic previously didn't seem to be getting much attention staff-wise.

As for my own personal thoughts on the matter, I neither was involved with nor cared about the realwar remake. I personally think the staff version provides at least a hint of substance to the map, making it even remotely less of a spam fest. If you really think realwar is no longer playable, there are countless other approved maps you could try playing, or you could even shoot for some of the other realwar maps. There really isn't a single reason to care this much about one ranked map for PB2 in 2018.

End of the day, regardless if you liked or disliked the rework of realwar, none of this excuses the bickering and overall anti-staff comments throughout the topic. I'm sorry no one else from the staff team came to the post sooner (and in general, staff inactivity, though if you're expecting staff activity levels to be the exact same as they were back in 2013 you're out of luck) but you (Hik) never helped yourself with your constant negative comments regarding staff. I think if other staff members did read the topic, they were off put by this behavior. I don't consider it enough for a warning, but it's still unwanted in my books.

Topic locked.
who needs a PB2.5 release date, anyways?
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