Image approval system problematic!

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Image approval system problematic!

Postby Chir » 4 October 2020, 23:21

My complaint here is that there should be a reason as to why the images are rejected!

But since my work with the raze maps images are being rejected I say that I am discontinuing the raze series maps for this reasons! No more raze maps unfortunately so go blame the ones who approve images not me if you wanted raze that is while for me I just going to say that that the image approval system should work similarly to how map approval system works and where they give reasons as to why the image isn't approved instead of just rejecting it straight up which really makes the user be like why is it rejected what made it rejected and they really can't improve on it if they don't know the reasons!

But i'm guessing it's on the choices of the approval system and if they wanted to improve it but for me I'm not going to waste my damn time on making raze maps series due to constant rejection of images and if you blame it on me then you're wrong blame it on the approval system with their games cause I'm not dealing with any of that!

Thank you and have a nice day!


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Re: Image approval system problematic!

Postby Zibuya » 5 October 2020, 17:10

They reject the raze objects for good. Raze might be copyrighted which also means that the stuff you use might include copyright aswell. Redrawing the object or picking similar textures might get it approved.

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Re: Image approval system problematic!

Postby Chir » 5 October 2020, 22:24

You serious?

I already redraw-ed the objects!

Here's prove!

VR Map:

VR Map morphed:

Unfinished Stranded Ship Map:

Stranded Skybox:

Stranded Skybox taken apart:

VR Skybox:

VR Skybox taken apart:

See ya.

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Re: Image approval system problematic!

Postby Yex » 16 October 2020, 00:25

Forget about this.

I was just testing how image approval system works.

Clearly they don't accept any form of copyrights which also connects to it.

Any form of editing or redrawing or remaking wouldn't work.

Also I might've went a little too far with this as well.

Though it might be possible to have a background texture of a ship hall that looks similar to a stranded ship's background but I feel like even that form of recreation would still be copyrighted if it was made to make a stranded ship raze with it and when a staff member clearly finds out it was used to make raze maps then there's a huge chance the map will be disapproved for multiple reasons as to remove any form of copyrights as well as trademark.

Can't believe I replied to myself.

Though I did wanted to make a weapon logic spawner that is similar to how raze has as well as ammo system though it would be a lot of work come to think of it, obviously I cancelled.

Not only that but I also deleted those custom images as well.
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Re: Image approval system problematic!

Postby Stryde » 16 October 2020, 13:46

The custom decoration guidelines can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=116&t=24537
In this instance, your submissions broke rules 1, 2 and 7. Basically, copyrighted stuff isn't allowed to be submitted.

Side rant:
In general, quite a number of workshop submissions have been rejected. Note that submissions must be high quality (rule 6) and to follow the notes in the guidelines topic. Most rejected requests simply don't fit PB2 graphics or are not good quality to begin with, and then players do not know why their requests were rejected. Then, they keep submitting the same stuff over and over again adding, "PLZ APPROVE MY DECORATION", "pls accept" or "stop rejecting this and add it" to the titles, which is also grounds for rejection.In addition, if your decoration can be re-created in-game, there is not a need to submit a new decoration request (rule 5), so it's best to do some searching in the workshop first before seeing if similar decorations exist.

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