HEX Decoration problem

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HEX Decoration problem

Postby forsaj98 » 15 August 2020, 23:47

There is no ability in Decoration HEX color multiplier action to set variable as parameter.
By that i mean that i can only put HEX in second parameter and it works:

But i can't use variable that containing HEX as second parameter:

May be i'm wrong and there is another way to do that.

It will be very helpful to use variable, because i can avoid setting numerous triggers and timers.

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Re: HEX Decoration problem

Postby Nyove » 20 August 2020, 10:46

Hey forsaj98,

This is a issue some trigger actions have and there is no proper way around it to fix it.
Trigger actions that does not state the usage of variables (like moving of door, color pattern of movables and characters, and many more) will not use variables.
Trigger actions that explicitly uses variable will be stated in the trigger action statement itself.

Eric Gurt has mentioned he will standardise all trigger actions to be able to use variables and value in PB2.5/3.

Depending on your map, the closest solution you have is to use a series of IF triggers to check if the variable is of a certain value (let's say red), and then multiplying the decoration's HEX colour with #FF0000. (There will be scalability issues and tons of work depending on how many colours you wanna include.)

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Re: HEX Decoration problem

Postby forsaj98 » 22 August 2020, 12:35

Hey Nyove!

I'm grateful for your advice. I want to achieve a smooth transition from one color to another. That's why i use a large palette of colours, like 20 or even 40 colours.

As you said, I used NEXT IF trigger action with count variable. So i'm checking if my count variable equals 1,2,3,... and set colour corresponding to this integer.

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