I don't see any use for this

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I don't see any use for this

Postby jeje52 » 19 July 2020, 00:49

The error list. It's hard to understand, you can't read some of it, it only starts appearing after the first couple errors, and it never clears. All it does is block the screen and give me anxiety every time I see it grow.
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Re: I don't see any use for this

Postby Girl_Power » 19 July 2020, 02:00

I 100% agree with you. When you use the engine mark for example, the default sky option will be "error" and I have to change it right away before more error messages pops up blocking my screen. I think we should have an option to clear the list at least.
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Re: I don't see any use for this

Postby Mean Me » 19 July 2020, 02:36

I'm pretty sure you can expand the level editing screen of the tools and parameters by pressing 'Q' in the while still editing. You should be able to see the error code from there. But I agree, you should be able to clear it without reopening the editor tab.
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