Add "When dying" and "when hurt" triggers.

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Add "When dying" and "when hurt" triggers.

Postby Unreal engine 4 » 17 July 2020, 15:54
They do same action as "Trigger on death"
But not when actor died, when actor is "dying" or "being harm"
I think that should be very good for custom health bars or to show how many HP enemies got
(my post was not that popular and i have only one reply to my post.)
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Re: Add "When dying" and "when hurt" triggers.

Postby Mean Me » 17 July 2020, 18:17

There is already an variable trigger action that directly shows hitpoints of a specific actor or player that you could update every frame or so to make a health bar. Also, Eric added a interesting new set of trigger actions a few days ago that already has the Character, player-initiator, and player-killer aspects of checking when dying. Play around with it, I have found some game-changing uses already :)
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