The # at beginning of IDs

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The # at beginning of IDs

Postby Speeder323 » 9 June 2020, 08:54

If you rename a object and remove the # at the beginning, if you try to use it in a trigger it will error.
There are 2 ways I see that this could be fixed:
1. You cannot remove the # (if you try, the editor will just add it back)
2. The trigger stops erroring if you don't have the #

Had a headache for a solid 12 minutes why a trigger keeps having errors with some objects just to find out that it's because I didn't keep the # at the beginning.

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Re: The # at beginning of IDs

Postby Girl_Power » 9 June 2020, 21:30

It shows an error for me as well but everything works fine. When I name a trigger for example, "StarterTrigger", everything will come up as "error" but everything works perfectly fine.

What really bothers me if when the numbers don't go in order. For example, when I insert first decoration, then second decoration, then third decoration and so on, somewhere the numbers will skip and break the chain of chronological order.
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Re: The # at beginning of IDs

Postby BlasterCat » 10 June 2020, 10:33

I am dont level editor developer,but i think #,is marking object?

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Re: The # at beginning of IDs

Postby yi en » 4 July 2020, 08:28

"#" is used for system to know this is the "ID".
For me I don't think there's a problem of using "#" at prefix, I even use "~" prefix as variables to differentiate the normal text and variables.

but yeah, from what Girl_Power said, the numbers counting being [cersored] up is the one I dislikes. Hopefully it can fixed back by proper "i++" or "i=i+1" thingy.
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