"Favorites List" of custom images

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"Favorites List" of custom images

Postby Darnit525 » 30 October 2019, 13:07

i often find myself using the same custom images in a lot of my maps, so i think a favorites list would be a good addition.

something else that would be helpful is if moderators could list a reason for a custom image's rejection in the cases that are less obvious, since it's kinda annoying when i upload an image that gets approved initially, but is then rejected later when i already have it used in maps, i'd like to at least see some sort of justification for those scenarios.
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Re: "Favorites List" of custom images

Postby Tempus » 31 October 2019, 22:19

I will send this to Eric.

(on a side note regarding you second point, there isn't really a log for who approves/disapproves. Unsure how I feel about writing a reason, perhaps its needed? As far as I know, only admins can approve/disapprove.)
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