placeable "static actors" in the level editor

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placeable "static actors" in the level editor

Postby hugod » 10 September 2019, 17:45

with the addition of more vehicle decorations, i think "static actors" are needed,
they would be similar to regular actors in that they can hold guns and have a team,
by default they would not have AI and would be controlled with triggers, the main
different part is that they do not have health or a typical player hitbox, instead
being used exclusively as turrets/decorations, the visibility of the gun held should
be toggleable.

this will take a while to add, but it will make certain things a lot easier and i think it would be worth it for these benefits:

less harmful to game performance than standard actor.

unaffected by gravity.

can be used with decorations, movables and "attach to" function to create working vehicles with weapons in multiplayer.

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