Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (Organic)

Postby lightning lord » 20 August 2016, 00:14

Here are some animals witch you can add in Pb2.5
-Wolf (make shore you can sit on them)
-Horse (make shore you can sit on them)
-Bosses (Giant characters witch are strong for example Civil boss he will almost look like a civil only he will be bigger and stronger he may even have a cape and a crown and all civils must obey and protect him some must fallow him)
-Dead tress

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Alien security heavy » 22 August 2016, 20:21

Even if this isn't a cosmetic, I think this suggestion would be useful on some maps.
Set trigger initiator's team to A.
Set trigger initiator's current and max health to A.
Set trigger initiator's skin to A. (don't know if this would be possible in 2.5)
Force trigger initiator to drop all his weapons.

In case if it is cosmetic, I would like some tall grass we could hide in. We need more decorations that will allow us to hide.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby yi en » 23 August 2016, 10:57

cosmetic only? aw man. I prefer triggers but nvm.

here are my ideas (since I don't know what is cosmetic does)
1) Vines that deal damage to players (need add bleeding effect)
2) A grenade that cause poison to near players(lingering, need add poison effect)
3) A grenede that shoots bullets around it after exploded. (maybe possible created using trigger in Level editor 2.5)
4) Burning area (use the pusher, damage set to fire damage, also apply to poison area) (bleeding area = radiation, btw)
5) shapshifter for walls/doors/etc (circle walls, triangle doors just like illuminati :D)
6) smoke as decoration and smoke grenade (yep, just blinds you.)
7) night vision glasses (but the flashlights will **** you up when you wear that.)
8) Blood splatters :D (bloody theme, right?)
9) Text on backgrounds (maybe, But I rarely use them)
10) Text on game interface (Just like minecraft command /title and /subtitle.)
11) electric damage (apply on grenades and pusher, may cause paralysed for few seconds.)
12) weather decoration [storm cause electric damage in random,rain will blind you with droplets,sandstorm will blind your eyes and get radiation damage (cuz space sandstorm is dangerous.)]
13) A new interface for decorating background (just like spolders game interface, but we should get better)
14) GIF and PNG background. (as connected as top)
15) Radar or minimap (but I guess radar is for platformers, meanwhile minimap is for 3D maps, right?)
16) decorations:
-snow piles (going to slip you down :D)
-tripwire (or....vines?) (trips you, but sometimes it triggers.)
17) loot box (locked with code/ without locked)
18) CCTV (useful for heist.)
19) Ammo cases (only if gun ammo is limited)
20) body would get some interface problems (based where they are. etc: when they in acid, their body evaporates with acidic smoke,when they in storm, small chance to caught fire damage when players near it,but anyways the body will burnt into black. If the player died by radiation, it's body will splat the blood (not that high pls,just the blood overthrough promptly)
21) dual wielding (yep would be pb 2.5, but The special thing is you can hold 1 rifle with 1 pistol, 2 pistols, 1 shotguns with 1 pistols, etc.
22) turrets (semi-auto that needs AI to control or Full Auto (players can use semi-auto turrets.)
23) C4 (with control, that explodes 2 times larger than grenades.)
24) decoration that can rotate.
25) animals (yep, it is boring if we only have players.)
26) some front BG and back BG (or decor?)
Front Decoration can hide player.
Back Decoration are just decoration that presents the BG.
27) a outer BG that hides inside until a player walks in, the wall dissapears and reveals inside.

That's all :D
Hope you like my ideas.
Signing out.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Heavenly Child » 24 August 2016, 03:04

Very good but i think you should add lasers and guns to

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby XFrostByteX » 28 August 2016, 23:42

Glass. Ideally as a dynamic object, but a static water texture that doesn't allow you to pass through works too
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby thinhvippro9 » 4 September 2016, 15:42

You know what we need?
TOILET IN PB2!!!(lol kidding)
Trigger action:
-Set character A zoom camera to "B" percent (this will help sniper very much for aiming)
-(fix the character cusor bug)
-Flashlight (be able to see ghost would be helpful)
-hook gun (more fun if the gun can grab player like Blitzcrank)
-Flaaaame thrower!!!
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Terror Only » 6 September 2016, 13:52

did anyone mention the flashlight already?
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby iHateHackers » 7 September 2016, 00:51

We need rain and possibly bushes for ideas it woul actually look really good and maybe even actual trees..
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Heavenly Child » 17 September 2016, 17:54

Should be rain flowers circle shaped objects and powerful gun

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby xXsniper10700Xx » 26 September 2016, 23:48

Well I'm making a list
1: Gun shelves
2: Placeable Gore
3: Place able helmets and armor. (Like just the head and nothing else for the armor and not helmet.)
4: Trees
5: Forest background
6: bushes
7: Blood decal
8: Glass
9: Birds (they would just fly by nothing else)
10: Trophies (like head mounts)
11: being able to cut into box (let's say you make a huge box in the LE you can cut into it so you don't have to get rid of the whole thing)
12: Target Dummy
13: Gore Player models (like a CS cut in half but play able)
14: darkness
15: Flashlight
16: (Excuse me if this is already in it) When player is in (region A) Change his player model to (B skin)
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby SilentKiller190 » 1 October 2016, 02:42

What I would like to see in Plazma Burst 2.5 level editor

Flying Vehicles ; so not just the corvette

More trigger options that are simpler to understand

More background options and colors

Movable backgrounds

Different character models with and without helmets

A couple of Fan-Made weapons ; Weapons fans had ideas for

Ghosting in single-player ; basically if you're a ghost in multi-player you can see yourself but in single-player and your the ghost, you can't see yourself. It would be nice if you fixed that.

More building material

Different sounds like horror ambient sounds / creepy sounds as well as some light flickering and electricity sounds.

That's all I can think of.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Hunter4408 » 2 October 2016, 22:17

It's been said before but fog, rain, and deeper snow weather effects.

I also wouldn't mind it if dead bodies were easier to place realistically because currently they just stand and it looks stupid. In-depth door textures that can also be used as textures for the background to make background doors and maybe background keypads to go with the background doors. This is all leaning more towards PB2.5, since I'm looking forward to it answering everything.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Thunderman999 » 3 October 2016, 22:35

I think we should add some cpu animals for the maps. We also could add a shield or something to block bullets. It would be nice.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Hunter4408 » 16 October 2016, 00:28

More backgrounds. I wish there were a bunch of backgrounds, maybe even the ability to upload them. It would be so cool to have a jungle setting or volcano setting.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby HalconNegro » 25 October 2016, 21:11

Something simple...Take off the annoying sound that doors make with a Trigger Action or as a characteristic from the doors.

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby root234 » 27 October 2016, 20:44

My idea is really good if they add the skin editor for your player in multiplayer can you make your own skins for AI and players for single player maps and COOP

-- -- -- --- --- ---- ---- ---- -- -- -- --

So you know how 2.5 you Customize your character I think you should be able to make AI and Players Customes
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby SilentKiller190 » 2 November 2016, 22:44

Thunderman999 wrote:I think we should add some cpu animals for the maps. We also could add a shield or something to block bullets. It would be nice.

I think that's a little too much to ask for. :sorry:
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby tehswordninja » 3 November 2016, 16:40

I'd like to remind everyone that this is for COSMETIC ideas, such as backgrounds, decorations, and features for these cosmetic ideas.
Weapons, AI, etc aren't what is being looked for here.

Any non-relevant posts will be removed from here on out.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Tomasore » 7 November 2016, 17:36

I think adding the ability to use hex colours for backgrounds would be nice, as its very hard to be creative when your stuck with red, blue, green and white. Say you want to make a nice tropical island. You cant because you don't have enough colours to create a nice looking rainforest. Its a very simple request, yet it is game changing.

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby LazyRain » 13 November 2016, 18:57

Welp, here what i have.

Main things. Wall of text!

Spoiler: Show More
Objects in this list can be static or dynamic. Static one can be put on back/fore-ground and it don't interact with surrounding objects in any way. Dynamic one can be moved or destroyed into pieces. Most of these objects have to be of various types and colors. Some objects should have variations from the different sides of view. It would be cool to see some of these objects in 3D, but if some of these objects will be added into PB2.5 they have to be in 2D first.
And in some cases I won't go into details. I hope everybody will understand what I want to say and colors are not eye-sore.

Boxes and etc.
- Boxes. More types of course.
- lockers. May contain pair of guns, several grenades or other small objects.
- Chests. Special box for guns, grenades or armor parts. But you can adjust contents on other small objects.
- Armor stand. Specially made for any type of armor. You can choose a skin and versions of the provision of its parts.
- Barrels. It’s possible to make some more interesting types. Plasma, EMP, virus, empty, cryo, napalm, dust, acid, water, over high/low pressure, paint, flash, shrapnel. And maybe possibility to make mixed variants.

BG things.
- Cracks, holes from bullets, spots from explosions, cuts from swords and etc.
- Edges and holes of walls and bg stylized as fragments after explosion.
- Mirror. Not sure how it will work. It will be difficult to make functioning as real.
- Doors. For example doors in Falkoks' base in PB:fttp.
- Ventilation fans.
- Columns.

Electronics. These objects have shining parts and reacts to damage and EMP stuff.
- Vending machines. When receiving damage, with some probability the random object in the list can drop out.
- Cryocapsules and other capsule-type things. It is possible to place characters Inside it.
- Monitors, running lines. It is possible to adjust light power and image or text on it.
- Holograms. Can show objects or text in various sizes, colors and transparency.
- Phone booth, radio station, etc. Objects for ensuring communication.
- Buttons. More various types, not only the old one.
- Terminals, cameras, antennas, stereo speakers.

Vegetation. Grass, ivy, bushes, trees, cactuses, seaweed. You can adjust type, color, size and density of these objects or their parts. Every object can have flowers. You can adjust its type, size, color and quantity.

Light things. More lamp types, wall lamps, searchlights, chandeliers, lanterns, candles. Some of them have cpecial anglel of the lit space. You can adjust them as usual lamps. Also, I suggest to make special option. You will be able to adjust angle/s which the lamp can light.

Trash. Doesn't represent special importance.
- Pieces of destroyed objects.
- Bottles, cans, packages. Can be also adjusted for transparency and emptiness.
- Trash cans. In various types. Some kind of chest. Same as heaps, but quantity of objects is limited.
- Garbage heap. You can adjust the list and quantity of (small) objects which will drop out of a heap and its chance to drop in %. After destruction of a heap, on its place the chosen quantity of random objects from the list and dust particles is generated. The size and HP of a heap depends on quantity of objects.

- Wires. Can be placed from point to point under different angles. The line of a wire can be delayed for creation of a curve. Dynamic wires pass objects, but at the same time fluctuate a little. Also, they can be cut on pieces. It is possible to adjust material, thickness, color and particles.
- Pipes. Can be placed and adjusted as wires. Dynamic pipes can’t pass an objects.
- Connecting element for wires and pipes.
- Fire extinguishers. It can explode and make dusty area.
- Fire hydrant. At destruction, it throws out a water stream.
- Barbed wire. You can adjust damage and catching parameter.
- Various fences and hand-rails.
- “Wet floor” sign. And also mop, broom, scoop, etc. and wet floor.
- Flagpole and flags. Not sure about form. It has to be flexible or straight or in other form?
- Statues. It was suggested some time before. You can adjust skin, size and bones position.
- Various furniture: tables, chairs, sofas, shelves (for anything), etc. From wooden to futuristic types. Can be destroyed in pieces.
- Disco ball. There can be difficulties, when making this.
- Beach stuff. You know. Ball, umbrellas, etc.

Some interesting objects which I haven't listed perhaps can be made of a combination of others.

Other ideas. This is smaller.

Spoiler: Show More
- Particles. In various types, sizes and colors. You will able to create regions with particles using various triggers and adjust its quantity, speed and moving direction. Some objects have similar regions which particles can be adjusted in the menu of these objects.
- Description regions. You can put this region anywhere or group it with any object. You can adjust text and its color. It is impossible to tie the description to objects which have it by default. Such objects have special adjusted option in their properties.
- Foreground. The objects which are here have to become translucent when you aim at them or walk behind them. It has to be adjusted.
- I suggest to make an option for objects with which it is possible to interact. The cursor will change its appearance a little. Like in some “Click and Point” games.
- Weather effects should have wide options and settings. Maybe somebody want yellow snow which falls up at high speed.
- Characters with two or more teams. Civilians for example. Such characters will be as “Neutral” to listed teams.
- Moving back/fore-ground. Can be useful for making cool things.
- Grouping objects. Even for objects of different types.
- Skeleton skin and separate body parts.
- Doors opening on axis Z.
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