Some ideas to the level editor

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Some ideas to the level editor

Postby eru_ » 7 December 2018, 13:07

A button for view type of the level editor which you can choose :
1)Wireframe view : You can see though objects and select though objects
2)Rendered view : you see the full view exactly like the game but it's little bit slow
3)standard : The standard view of level editor
Ctrl + click to diselect
ability to create a free form
ability to add texts to map
[b]Layer system[/b]
Grill edit
instead of creating the smallest object in pb2 is 10x10 using grill you can create 5x5 or smaller
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Re: Some ideas to the level editor

Postby Resi » 7 December 2018, 13:29

I agree with these ideas. Specially rendered view.

Btw, for the layers, objects you put later are in front of the oldest objects.
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