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Postby Napalm Fire » 22 June 2019, 06:29

Hello here are the magazines for PB2.5.
QuickDraw Magazine: Reloads 10% more faster.
Extended Magazine: Gives 30 more bullets for Assault Rifles (25 for the Ray Gun TCoRR and 10 for Alien Rifle), 5 for Snipers, 7 for Pistols, 25 for SMGs (Like LittleBastard and Crossfire Ghost) and 55 for LMGs and Miniguns.
QuickDraw Extended Magazine: Ditto as the QD Magazine and Extended Magazine but like joined together.
Magazine LVL1: Auments 5% more damage.
Magazine LVL2: Auments 10% more damage.
Magazine LVL3: Auments 25% more damage.
Jungle Style Magazine: Ditto as the Extended Magazine but only for Assault Rifles (Except Alien Rifle), SMGs and Snipers, but every 30, 25 o 5 bullets reloads 10% more faster.

How to change/drop magazine: Holding R will change/drop magazines.
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Re: Magazines

Postby Mr jaks nes » 12 July 2019, 13:52

Not bad but i tought it would be good that instead of changing the power of the magazine by leveling up, you could just extend ammo by leveling up magazine. 10% more bullets, 20% more bullets, 30% more bullets, something like that.
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Re: Magazines

Postby LazyRain » 22 July 2019, 13:04

Throw a magazine or another ammo type by holding [R].
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