My Ideas 4# (so long boi)

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My Ideas 4# (so long boi)

Postby Napalm Fire » 6 June 2019, 03:41

Hello here are my ideas u gay if you keep reading it.

B-20 Anti Tank Rifle
-An Anti Tank Rifle that haves with a good damage.
-Makes 65 damage, 420 damage if in the head (If you have good luck you can make 670 damage for a critical hit)
-Haves 4 bullets (Haves to reload. 5 secs to reload)
-The ID is napalm_antitank_rifle.
-Only for MP (MultiPlayer)
-Uses Slot 4.

Electric Minigun CS-PowerIsTheKey
-An Minigun that has energy calibers.
-Makes 30 damage. 50 if in the head. (Makes 5 damage for 2 sec)
-Haves 250 bullets. (Needs to reload, 5 seconds)
-If you fire alot of bullets. The gun will overheat and you will not fire the gun for 3 seconds. Be carefull and see the barrel of the gun if is red.
-Uses Slot 2.
-The ID is napalm_energy_minigun
-Used by Heavies and Bosses.
-For every GM (Game Mode)

Civil Security Camoflauge Lite
-Haves 5% more HP and Speed that the Normal Lite.
-Can handle: Pistols C-01p, Assault Rifles CS-RC, Combat Rifles CS-OICW and rarely found with Shotguns CS-DAZ, Pistols CS-Pro and Heavy Raliguns v04 CS-OneSOnek.
-Their ID is 87.

Phoenix Syringe
-Can heal 20% more HP that the Defib.
-Uses Slot 6.
-The ID is napalm_phoenix_defib
-For every GM, in the Campaing is rarely found.

Plane v04-CS
-Is an air vehicle that pressing F you can drop 3 rockets.
-Haves 420 VP (Vehicle Points)
-The ID is napalm_plane
-Only for MultiPlayer.

Thats it bye.
Napalm strike awaiting orders.

Napalm Fire
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