My Ideas #3

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My Ideas #3

Postby Napalm Fire » 5 June 2019, 05:14

Hi is me Napalm and here are my ideas HIMNAHAMI for short xDDDD.

Airstrike Grenade v09 CS-Disaster
-When throwed makes a red smoke that calls an Airstrike. (5 rockets, watch out boy :P )
-Explodes in 5 seconds and another 5 for the Airstrike.
-This can be changed by the Grenade C00n. (With H, like the Smoke Nade/Grenade C00s)
-You can only carry 1 of them. Use it wisely.
-Only for MP (MultiPlayer)
-The ID is napalm_airstrike_nade

Level Action Rifle C-03lar
-It can make 60 damage. (Headshot makes 140 damage)
-Can carry 6 bullets. (needs to reload)
-Takes 2 seconds to reload per bullet and also 2 seconds to level action.
-Uses Slot 3 (I know Shotguns uses Slot 3 but whatever)
-Only for MP (MultiPlayer)
-The ID is napalm_levelaction_rifle

SubMachine Gun CS-BursttheEnergy
-It can make 20 damage, 45 in the head.
-Can carry 34 bullets (Also needs to reload)
-Is used by the Lites and the Ghosts.
-Its burst action (Shoots 3 bullets)
-Uses Slot 1 (why SMGs uses slot 1?)
-For every GM (Game Mode)
-The ID is napalm_burst_smg

Thats it bye.

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