Unique Enemy Attributes/Abilities

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Unique Enemy Attributes/Abilities

Postby Eternal Dorkness » 15 March 2018, 00:32

I was wondering if our lord and savior Eric would be enough of a messiah to make every specific enemy (as in a specific character) in the game have a unique ability/attribute. After all, the only difference between enemies in Plazma Burst is usually their HP or speed, so a change of pace in what makes enemies different from each other besides appearance would be nice. Considering how the Lite Ghost already technically has an ability, I would really like to see it happen.

Anyways, here's a picture of my reaction to PB2.5 being announced to end it off.
hmm today i will ᴄ̶̠̩̑̍̾̂̾̀̏͘ᴏ̷̳̜͔̺̩͚̖̉̕͝ɴ̶̡̡̲̟̘̪̊̎͜ꜱ̸̗̞̻̙̣͔͓̼̔̇͑̈́͐̔ᴜ̷̼͊͑̒͛̉̈́̔̉̕̕ᴍ̸̨̺͇͖̪͊̽̐͊̓̉͂͝ͅᴇ̴̛̭̖̮̐͒̔̋͠ my infant son
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Re: Unique Enemy Attributes/Abilities

Postby Prototype-X1 » 17 March 2018, 01:27

Agreed, it'll add something to the combat.

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Re: Unique Enemy Attributes/Abilities

Postby ChazBurger » 12 May 2018, 19:01

I think it would be a little weird, but a good idea at the same time.

There can be Cyber Grubs with actual hand cannons. (Like the ones in PB FTTP.)
It also could be possible to have some kind of resistance to damage for some enemies, like Civil Heavy.
This is just few of my ideas what could possibly can come out of this.

You're welcome.
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