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Postby SpookyMyon » 1 March 2018, 15:18

Am suggesting of some objects that provide sound-proofing in the game.

Basically, these objects will serve as a way to reduce the amount of sound made or completely negate the sound generated in an area.

This can definitely change how some part of the gameplay work since some players predict where another player is currently at by the noise generated from foot-steps/shootings.
Currently, it can be impossible to sneak up to a player due to noise generated by jumping/footsteps, (especially those good players with decent headset), but this object can make it possible.

Quote me if I am wrong, this feature can also allow more variety of SP maps since higher difficulty A.Is can detect player far away by noise without looking.

Since Plazma Burst's storyline is from the future, the object can be a high-tech wall and door that prevent sound from passing through.
It can also be a throwable where it reduces the sound made in a certain area or a device that does the same effect.

Overall, I personally think this object can potentially add to how the style of the game is played.
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