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Postby jeff the hacker » 6 April 2017, 15:17

i have 2 favorite slot 2 weapons : the assault rifle cs rc and the alien rifle

can we keep 2 weapons of the same category?

i dont really use the plasmagun
im an alien inside

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Re: weapons

Postby tehswordninja » 8 April 2017, 06:07

I don't see this ever happening unless the alien rifle gets an overhaul to the point it has to switch slots, which wouldn't make much sense in the first place.

The amount of weapons we can hold by default is already a bit crazy, I see no reason to be able to hold more. The point of having multiple weapons per slot is that you have to choose between weapons.
who needs a PB2.5 release date, anyways?
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Re: weapons

Postby Silent Aurora » 12 April 2017, 11:42

stormforce wrote:wow, lol, *tehswordninja grabs assault rifle and shoots jeff*

The post does not add constructive discussion. Please avoid free posting again.
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