Idea for Radar System and Accuracy/Recoil in Pb2.5

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Idea for Radar System and Accuracy/Recoil in Pb2.5

Postby stormforce » 6 April 2017, 01:18

Would help in teamfights, larger maps.
With the addition of ammo and possible recoil, as well as more grenade types, Pb2.5 would become a strategy team based game. A radar would be useful for tracking the last known location of an enemy. It would certainly allow for some interesting gameplay. Additionally, a radar could be used to locate dead allies or objectives, such as capture the flag. Let's say Eric decides to implement Capture the Flag in Pb2.5. The main problem we would have is that we would not know where the flag taker is. Take Team Fortress 2. When an enemy player takes your flag, your briefcase will point to them. If a radar in Pb2.5 is added, showing where the flag carrier is, it would be much easier to plan how you would stop them. In ranked/competitive, if your team knows where a few members of the enemy team are, they can easily get into position to attempt to take them out.

Recoil is also a good idea. Ammo and reload is being implemented, however it would still not have a nice gameplay effect. Adding a tiny bit of recoil would discourage point and click shooting. Although the recoil would basically be put your cursor down a little, since it is a 2d game and not like in csgo, it would still allow for even more strategic fights and makes the player think when to reset his accuracy/recoil, fall back, reload, etc. It would also disallow "perfect" accuracy all the time and spamming with guns. You would not have to worry about maps where bullets are coming right at you with high accuracy.

Feedback, suggestions on this? I think these two additions would be a crucial part to creating more interesting, fun, and stratetic gameplay. Probably more toward the Pb2.5 ranked/competitive side, but it would encourage more fair play, less spamming, teamwork and more strategy.

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Re: Idea for Radar System and Accuracy/Recoil in Pb2.5

Postby mrnat444 » 6 April 2017, 21:45

Although there are already several ways one's accuracy can be spoiled in PB2.5. If I remember correctly, Gurt has said that falling causes brief loss of total accuracy, as well as being able to shoot an opponent's gun and throw off their aim.

As for the radar/minimap, I think this is a good idea, I would like to see it added as a feature map makers can enable, even for certain players and such.
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Re: Idea for Radar System and Accuracy/Recoil in Pb2.5

Postby MI6 AGENT 007 » 7 April 2017, 22:42

I think the radar system is a good idea why not track down other players and know when they're coming after you?
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Re: Idea for Radar System and Accuracy/Recoil in Pb2.5

Postby GhostX5 » 1 May 2017, 22:14

Technically, there was an idea before you said Radar System. I think you've meant a minimap. Well, having that is a good idea, when the flag is taken, there should be an arrow marker that can help guide you to the direction to where your enemy is holding the flag.

Also, once a player gets to take a flag, they cannot use any other weapons except pistols, swords and defibrillators only. Or if they don't have defibrillators, they'll stick with pistols instead. It's like Halo, Raze and SFH 2 all over again. Also, whilst holding the flag, you can kill players with it, by swinging it at them and stabbing them. The flag will have a sharp tip at the end, and there is a tendency that whoever got stabbed will get their bodies dissolved.
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