Ideas for PB2.5

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Ideas for PB2.5

Postby Walking_Arsenal » 2 March 2017, 07:43

1.) Rotating movable functions - Rotates "doors" around a specified point or region on the map. Can be used for making spinning blades or complicated doors.

2.) Specified background height - Allows the mapmaker to set the background height at whatever point that they want it. Anything below that point appears as dirt or rock. Anything above is... you guessed it, the background.

3.) Separating background and sky - Allows the map maker to choose the background and sky separately.

4.) More gamemodes - I'm sure most of you are sick of seeing poorly made roleplay maps.

Coopertive gamemodes:
-Parkour/selfboost races
People compete for the fastest time on these maps. Each map has a leaderboard for players to see their times.

TDM gamemodes:
-Capture the flag
The actually functioning version.
-King of the hill
Teams have to keep a certain place captured for a set time.
-Point control
Teams capture eachother's territory and the game ends when all parts of the map have been captured by one team.

5.) Multiplayer vehicles - Vehicles will respawn at a certain place after they're destroyed.

6.) Improved physics - Disables floating weapons and ragdolls

7.) Players drop ammunition when killed

8.) Disabling the ridiculous push force of bullets - Prevents flying backwards at 300 mph after being shot by 3 people at once.

9.) Focusing more on creating Usurpation, Falkok, and c-01 weapons

10.) Prone position - Allows players and cpu to crawl along the floor. It will make crawling through low areas efficient and less awkward. Also increases gun accuracy.

11.) Crouching increases gun accuracy

12.) Rockets can slide along surfaces depending on the angle which they are shot at

13.) Visual effect objects that can be used for taking cover

14.) The ability to use the kinetic movement device in multiplayer - Please excuse me if I said it wrong. It will be useful for retrieving weapons and ammo from a distance, as well as throwing explosive barrels.

15.) Cloaking devices for players - Can be disabled using triggers or engines

16.) Wider selection of bullet types with the projectile changing function on the trigger

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Re: Ideas for PB2.5

Postby mingo1 » 2 March 2017, 07:56

I LOVE that you're posting ideas, but this is in the wrong section

this is the section we have for this: viewforum.php?f=148

great post tho!

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Re: Ideas for PB2.5

Postby tehswordninja » 2 March 2017, 16:30

Moved to the correct section. Make sure you post your topics in the correct sections in the future.
who needs a PB2.5 release date, anyways?
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Re: Ideas for PB2.5

Postby The Silent Assassin pro » 2 March 2017, 19:56

These ideas are not bad. But some of the ideas what you said, some people made that. I'm not thinking It's not bad bad. But people made these games. I like those ideas still.

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