Things that could Improve Plazma burst 2.5

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Things that could Improve Plazma burst 2.5

Postby maxim12 » 3 October 2016, 14:50

Here, I wan't to suggest things that could improve Plazma burst 2.5, that could make it more popular, better gameplay, and much smoother optimisation.

So here I start...

Uploading Plazma burst 2.5 to Kongregate.
I've seen many games that aren't intended for Kongregate but they're being uploaded to kongregate. It think it would be a neat Idea for Eric gurt to upload Plazma burst 2.5 to Kongregate. Kongregate has alot of registered users who play alot of flash games, so uploading Plazma burst 2.5 to Kongregate could make plazma burst 2.5 very popular game, and so plazma burst 2.5 will have a very big and active community. Big and active community is a very important thing for a game, Isn't it?

Yeah, suggested many time. But I want to mention it because It's one of the most popular ways for games to gain attention thus expanding It's community and making it popular game.

Stand-alone Client.
Yeah yeah. We know Plazma burst 2.5 was intended to be a browser game, but it would be a very good idea to make it as a Stand-alone Client game as an option. Some people will download the standalone client to have more optimised and more smooth gameplay, and I'm sure many people will like this.

Full screen option.
Honestly, I find Plazma burst 2's window to be tiny. It would be neat Idea for plazma burst 2.5 to have the option to enter Full-screen mode, which would make the game more comfortable and give better and more exiting experience.

Ranked matches balance.
This is my concern about the game balance It'self. I find 130 or 150 Health points to be waaaaay to fragile. The fact that powerfull, High DPS weapons like the alien shotgun can pretty much One-shot you if you have 150 Health or less. I'm requesting to increase the health points in ranked matches up to around of 350 - 500 Health points, I think it would make the ranked matches to be more dynamic and more balanced and less frustrating.

Those all of my suggestions, I hope you agree with them. I want the game to succed, It's a very important thing for a great games.

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Re: Things that could Improve Plazma burst 2.5

Postby Tempus » 11 February 2017, 00:07

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Re: Things that could Improve Plazma burst 2.5

Postby tentionmaru7 » 11 February 2017, 05:58

Tempus wrote:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BUMP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

thanks tempus, anyways
pb 2.5 or pb2 on kongergate ( or what ever it's called )
good idea, maybe upload to other gaming websites like :
-armor games
-Y8 games
-tremor games
and the pirates like

advertising :
I will forward this to YouTuber ( if they can follow the rules )

standalone client :
how much RAM and memory do I need for the video game?

full screen : hmmm, I don't really like it but that's just my opinion

approved matches rebalance :
when I was still a little prick I shot an afk player with an unupgraded alien shotgun and I instantly knock him out of ledge
( me as little prick : "this is too strong" )
so yeah, maybe 250-350

and here is my idea :
allow spectators to chat and join the match instantly without quitting and rejoining
if they were being idiots, here comes 1 vote kick
and they're not allowed to join or spectate the match
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