Area Control Gamemode

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Area Control Gamemode

Postby ustopable » 2 November 2019, 02:43

Area control also known as Domination and conquest to other games is one of the defining gamemode in other games. It is a gamemode where there are Areas A, B, C,...etc. can be captured and contested. It will add a new variety of gameplay in the game.

Everything is doable in the current Editor but using the Hint U.I to show the remaining points before getting captured or the total points of each team before victory. It's a pain in the eye since Hint disappears and reappears and blocks the chat box. Creating an official U.I would be the first step to inprove this kind of system. Else let us create and customize U.I

Capturable Obj. would be added it can be used outside Area Control Gamemode but it won't do anything unless trigger specified with the following options.

Capturable I.D: This woukd be the name for triggeres to use it.
Objective Name: The obj. name is still A, B, C...etc. but will show the custom name in chat whenever captured.
Capture Speed (1 points per seconds indicated example if set to 3 then it produces 1 point per 0.1 second and will take a total of 10 second before it gets captured).
Trigger upon capture: Activates a trigger when captured duh.
Model: It will take any Decoration as it's model but it will always default to flag. Changes it's color everytime it is captured to the capturing team color.
Capture Distance: Circle in design and the number would indicate the radius in Pixels
Respawn position Distance: Circle in design this would indicate how far the player could respawn if you chose that particular obj. to respawn. Pushers and movable disabling a respawn in that area will still take effect.
Precaptured: This will be instantly owned by a team at the start of the game.
Lock Obj.: The objective will still show up in the map but it is no longer capturable.
Attach: Attach to a door similar to Decorations, Doors, backgrounds and regions.
Restore to full points: Meaning if Activated it will restore itself to full point health whenever the capturing player leaves it's capture distance. The regen speed is simlar to health regen except it uses Capture speed as regen speed instead.
Increment points to owner: If activated it will reward points every second to win the game

Triggers about Capturable Obj.
Lock Objective A
Unlock Objective A
Continue Execution of Trigger if Obj. A is owned by Team B
Continue Execution of Trigger if Obj. A is not owned by Team B
Continue Execution of Trigger if Obj. A is neutral.
Change the Team of Obj. A to Team B
Adjust Respawn Distance to Value A
Adjuat Captuee Distance to Value A.
Change Obj. A Model to Model B.
Award Points B to Team A (Note can be used to reduce points to Team A)
Set Points before Victory to A
Continue Execution of Trigger if points of Team A is greater than point B
Continue Execution of trigger if points of Team A is greater than point of Team B
Continue Execution of trigger if points of Team A is greater than Variable B.

Victory Points will always default to 500.

Addition to this Pushers will have a new functionality
Exclude Team A: Team A will no longer be affected by this Pusher
Allow Team A to spawn
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