Bossfight BETA

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Bossfight BETA

Postby AkaBeNy » 17 February 2018, 08:38

Map name: BossFight - BETA V1.1.5
Map ID: akabeny-bossfight
Map description: Epic bossfight!
Map Page Link: ... 09&a=&s=10
Map Demo Link: -

If you discovered a bug, don't forget to tell me about it!

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V1.2.0 - Resolved a bug which spawned NPC but they doesn't have guns;
- Corrected some decoration things;
- Increased life for Level 1 NPC;
- Changed projectile for pistols;
- Replaced a gun;
- And a lot more;
V1.2.1 - Changed a gun model;
- Changed model of invisible npcs, now they are visible;
- Lowered the health of npcs who were invisible;
- Changed start weapon's model and projectile;
- Changed gun model for invisible npcs;
- Resolved some bugs;
- And more;

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