Civil Brigade : The Rogue CHAPTER 10

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Civil Brigade : The Rogue CHAPTER 10

Postby puluong » 20 December 2018, 16:02

My chapter 10 of the Rogue Series map
Brief : Ava Langford, the engineer of the Agenda 13 facility, after called a distress signal to the headquarter and waiting for the backup troop to mobilize in respond to the Civil Security unbeknownst ambush, she has decided that waiting wouldn't make her survive if she doesn't arm herself up. Fight as her and make her way through the Civil Security's ambush and find out what's going on.
Map name : The Rogue
Map ID : puluong-rogue10
Instant Demo Link :
Note : You may change the map name to 'puluong-rogue' for a starting point of the story, or 'puluong-rogue2' until rogue10. ( 10 chapters in total now )

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