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Frozen Fury

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The world is frozen with a vast majority of land covered in snow and ice from bitter temperatures. Most creatures are snow/ice-based, with snowmen being one of the most prominent species. Because of the conditions, most of the land is wild and dangerous. Settlements of any kind are few and far between.

You are Mark, a skilled mercenary who has decided to hunt down Rogeye sickle, a high ranking snowman, as vengeance for recent attacks from the snowmen on several human settlements.

With the abundance of snow and ice everywhere, your weapons can conveniently use snow for ammo. You have a supply for the total amount of snow you can use, and when it is depleted, you can crouch to gather more (where your supply is shown). Each weapon uses a different amount of snow every shot, requiring you to take into account the weapon's total shots before you run out.

When you kill snowmen, they will sometimes drop Components, which can be used to craft weapons. Press E to open the crafting/inventory wheel, where you can use the mouse to view a description of each gun, their crafting requirements, and the total Components you currently have. Left click in the direction of a gun to craft it (if you have the Components), and you will then be able to perform the same action any time you want to equip that gun. Components also allow you to respawn, consuming one each time you die. If you do not have any Components, you won't be able to respawn.

You have a heated armor suit which allows you to take much more damage than normal, health will also quickly regenerate if you can avoid taking damage for long enough. Though you are not the only one with replenishing health, snowmen will also regenerate over time (they are made of snow after all).

Being in snowman territory, you are going to encounter a near-endless supply of hostile snowmen popping up out of seemingly nowhere. They tend to attack in small groups since most of them are individually weak. There are also different types of snowgiants which reside in various areas, usually accompanied by similar snowmen.

Snowman types
Each snowman has a Snowgiant variation.
  • Snowman - Your standard mook, 350 health.
  • Slinger Snowman - Throws snowballs at you, 300 health.
  • Gunner Snowman - Has a rapid-fire machine gun, 250 health.
  • Rumbler Snowman - Carries a shotgun, 300 health.
  • Charger Snowman - Speedy and slightly larger than normal, 600 health.
  • Bruiser Snowman - Larger than normal but moves no faster, 700 health.
  • Ranger Snowman - Carries a sniper rifle, 350 health.
  • Mage Snowman - Can somehow fire ice beams, 250 health.
There is also a unique Snowizard Snowgiant, which has the ability to summon Slinger Snowmen.

Please report any bugs, glitches, unbalances or exploits you might find.
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