{O.W.L.S}-Part:1 | Infiltration

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{O.W.L.S}-Part:1 | Infiltration

Postby ZZNinjaZZ » 30 December 2017, 16:42

Map name: [SP]--{O.W.Ls}-Part:1 | Infiltration
Map ID: zzninjazz-owlsprt1
Map description:
"OWLs, the Operative Warden Logistic specialists. Yes.. Ive heard of em, they own the worlds greatest assassination and infiltration team. Probably the best military and worst enemies to face. But how many are they..?
7 bullets to the head."


You are Sepreton, a highly trained assassin and the captain of a highly-trained miltary Infiltration squad. December 12, 2053, Your mission is to infiltrate the GSS base without being seen. Find all the information you could get including the coordinates of their destructive nuclear bio weapons. Goodluck captain.

Map Page Link: http://plazmaburst2.com/?s=9&a=&m=zzninjazz-owlsprt1
Map Demo Link: http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=zzninjazz-owlsprt1
Brief Description: You'll be playing as Sepreton. Your goal is to get inside the enemy base. Do not alarm the enemies, Goodluck! :D
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Re: {O.W.L.S}-Part:1 | Infiltration

Postby lpzimm » 31 December 2017, 22:55

That was really cool and creative, good job. Very unique.
Ayy lmao
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