.:Project Nexus:.

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.:Project Nexus:.

Postby Civil-Lite » 30 December 2017, 13:51

Map Name: Project Nexus - Combat Arena
Map ID: civil-lite-project nexus
Map Description:
Quick Brief:
At the beginning of game, please press the Green Button on the right to start wave 1. The aim of the game is to test your skills against the enemy. Survive throughout multiple waves without dying. The Bosses become harder as you advance to the next wave. You will also be able to choose your next weapon and customise your skin again after you have beaten the boss during the round.

Map Category: SinglePlayer
Map Page Link: http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=9&a=&m=civil-lite-project%20nexus&id=851056
Instant Demo Link: http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=civil-lite-project%20nexus

Spoiler: Show More
This game is a DEMO, so please do not take it seriously. If you have any ideas of suggestions, please tell me and your just may be added within the next update. If you would like to be Featured in my map please tell me. There will be more to come soon!
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Re: .:Project Nexus:.

Postby Player_PB2 » 24 February 2018, 06:50

Project Nexus? that sounds familia- oh....
This map is based on madness series, i didn't expect this to happen
5 stars (if i could rate!)
Wait, how did you find this?
What? you're gonna expect something else?
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