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Map name: thedeadwolf-non-clones-P1
Map ID: thedeadwolf-non-clones
Map description: ship Krésr are over enemy capturted base.
You and your team is special Czech/Slovakia sguad.
Alonewolf: 21 years.male. Czech Republic leader of squad.
STALKER: 28 years.male. Slovakia spy/hitman.
Tank : 34 years.male. Slovakia heavy/demoman
Flyingbird: 20 years.female. Czech Republic medic/sniper
Everyone have special wepons
Alonewolf: Primary LMG.Special Vlcendo (experiment gun)
STALKER: Primary Ray Rifle.Special H.rail gun.
Tank: Primary "rotačník".Special RPG
Flyingbird: Primary AV-135.Special Needl
Everyone: glock and defibrillator
Vlcendo is experimental wepon.Shoting rocket and 100% aim.But this didn't give much damage it's good for knocback enemy.
Enemy captured our base..clone base, and it is really critical if we didn't take them out.Army of clones is 100x worst than captured Experimental wepon base.
But you and your team find out....the aliens have plan with not invited visitors
Map Page Link: ... &id=899483
Map Demo Link: ... non-clones
Brief Description: Enemy captured our base..clone base.But you and your team find out....the aliens have plans with not invited visitors

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