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Postby Silent Aurora » 22 August 2017, 17:37


Power League is a rebooted version of PCL, we have decided to redo the whole system and made it much more organised, challenging and fair than what it used to be. Now there's a system placed for registration, team signings, creating teams, managing scores/matches/statistics ect. In this post I will go through what has changed, what new features have been implanted etc.

There will be a separate topic regarding registration to the event itself.

First of, PCL is now known as Power League (PL for short) and is officially endorsed by PB2 meaning it's an official PB2 event. There is a section on the official server for PL so please ask a member of staff to give you the role if you're apart of the event.

How will Plazma League work?

Now, the actual event itself will work like a normal league in any sport. There will be a league table where you can see what place your team is in. Each team will play eachother twice during the whole season. Here is a model how the table would look like:


Win = 3 pts
Draw = 1 pt
Loss = 0 pts

At the end of the season once all teams have played eachother, the winner is determined by whoever is at the top of the league. There will be prizes for top 3 teams, anything below can have a badge for participating.

Now, this won’t be the only league table we will have, there’ll be individual rewards based on a new thing we are introducing, called top league players. This table will be based on an individual's performance and their stats. Below is a model for that:


This is how points will be given out:

10 kills = 2 points
1 win = 1 point (Wins are based on matches they’ve won)

Teams? Capacity? Drafts?

Now is for the part everyone is interested in, how will forming teams/joining teams work and what would the capacity be for each team?

Well let’s start from the basics, one of the things we’re changing are the roles played within each team. There will be no more “team owner, head coach and GM”. All 3 roles will be in one which will be called ‘Manager’. The manager is in charge of...well...managing the team and make any necessary changes. Here’s a list of things the manager can do;

Trade players
Pick team name (change it later)
Pick teams colour
Speaks for the team

How to join a team?

After signing period is over (Don’t confuse this with signing up with teams, this is the period where users have to sign up to the event before it closes), everyone who signed up to the event will have 2 weeks to join a team, there will be a separate topic where they have to fill a form out similar to this;

What team are you joining:
Proof manager approving you to join:

There won’t be any waiving going around, once you join a team and the manager agrees you to join, they can’t waive you nor can you leave the team to join another one during the season. However you may leave the team IF you’re leaving the event entirely.

Trade week

Every two weeks there will be a week where trades are open and the manager can trade players between teams, the manager has full control of who they want to trade, just like in the old PCL system. The trade week period is open from Monday till Sunday 12am EST. After that, trade is closed and you cannot trade anyone.


The capacity will depend on how many people sign up to the event and how many teams will there be. So it really varies, but that’s why we have the forum registration system, we transfer that data onto a spreadsheet where we can use that data to determine cap sizes. You’ll be notified before team signing period what the cap will be.

If there are people who haven’t joined a team after team signing week, they will be put into draft and be assigned to a team randomly.

How to become a manager?

Unlike PCL, not everyone can become a manager, to become one you must state it when you are signing up to the event, then the council will evaluate each person who requested to be a manager. The council will follow a specific criteria to determine if the person is fit to manage a team or not. Once you have their approval then you’re able to create a team name and start recruiting. But keep in mind you need your players to make the form during team signing week otherwise their signing will be invalid.
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