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Garuda 1
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Plazma Burst 2 Fan Writing Contest: Voting!

Postby Resi » 23 December 2016, 17:21

The time has come for you to vote for the best!

Garuda 1
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Section Thirty - Cell P
~ Guineazilla

The cell was cold, dark, and damp. I sat there, huddled in a corner, my blades unusable because of the cuffs I was dressed in. There was nothing save a bed for me to sleep on and the cold stone that made up my prison. The Civil Security had thrown me in here. Labeled me a terrorist. Three days I had sat, in this dank cell, watching the movements of the guards, planning my way out. My time was nearly done.... Soon, I would be free.
A lone guard came by, his helmit off, sipping a cup of coffee. He walked to the end of the hallway before circling around and coming back. Again and again he passed my cell, pacing. I waited patiently until eventually, he did not come back. The doors slammed shut a fair way down. Now was my time. I got to work quickly, standing on the hard bed I was forced to sleep on. Above me was a vent. Why they had vents in the prisoner cells, I had no idea. But it would only serve me in my escape. I stood on the bed and placed my cuffs on one loose corner of the grate covering the vent. Then I leaped off. I hung there for a moment, waiting for the grate to snap. But it only slowly bent under my weight. The first screw popped, and then the second. Then, the door down the hall opened. The replacement guard must have arrived. Cursing under my breath, I slid down from the grate and fell hard onto the bed before pretending to be very interested in wall opposite me. Moments later the guard, a Civil Security Lite, walked by. He stopped and turned, looking into my cell. For a long while he stared at me before finally, after what seemed like hours of agonizing silence, he asked me my name. I turned my gaze towards him, but said nothing. He obviously did not like this. His hand ventured to his pistol, and he repeated his question. Slowly, I said:
'My name is Proxy.'
The Lite took his hand off his weapon.
'I hope you are prepared to rot in here.' He said, laughing as he walked off.
I waited a few minutes to see how fast the Lite's pacing speed was. It took me a while to be sure, but once I had gotten him figured out, I was ready to try again. I crawled back onto the bed and tried to slip myself onto the grate, but I just slid off. I cursed under my breath and grabbed it, wriggling it about, but only in vain. I had to sit back down quickly as the guard approached again. I let him pass, once.... Twice.... Then I stood up on the bed and leaped onto the grate, grabbing it with both hands on the way down. Finally the last two screws snapped and the gate fell to the floor. I heard the Civil, suddendly alert, run towards my cell. I panicked, jumping onto the bed and then into the vent. Luck appeared to be on my side. I was not only just able to fit through the duct, though it was tight, but the point where the system turned horizontal from vertical was very low. I managed to grab onto the ledge and pull myself up. And so began my 'epic' escape, wriggling through the ventilation shaft as the screams of the alarm started ringing in my ears.
After about fifteen minutes of moving through the air ducts, I came to a vent that I could crawl out of. The alarm sounds had died down, though the lights were still flashing. As quietly as I could (which is to say not at all) I kicked the grate down onto the floor and slipped out. Fortunately for me no one was around to hear it. I was at the end of some kind of dorm room, the bunk beds crowding a narrow hall with a solitary door on the other side. I started looking around to see if there was anything of use, but the turning of a doorknob caught my attention first. Hastily, I slid under a bed to hide. Footsteps came close to where I was, and I could make out Civil Security boots that passed right in front of me before stopping.
'Where did I leave that spare again....' A filtered voice said.
I carefully rolled out from under the bed on the opposite side, so he could not see me. Not unless he looked down. Then I pulled myself into a crouch. He was looking through a drawer at the side of one of the beds. All of a sudden he paused. Slowly he looked in my direction, his hands still in the drawer. I sprung at him, and he activated his swords, getting them stuck in the wall. I landed behind him, hooking my left arm around his arm and torso as he drew one of his blades out. I then ran my right hand's cuff over his sword. With minimal effort it cut through, and my first hand was free. The victory was shortlived, however, as he decided to introduce his head and my helmit via boxing match.
His head won.
I backed up away from him as he finally managed to pull his other sword from the wall. He thrust it towards me, but I ducked to the side and activated my own Psi blade, shoving it into his ribs. He hacked, presumably throwing up blood. I threw him onto the bed and shoved my blade through his chest before walking towards the door. But, when I was only a couple of yards away, once more the knob turned.
'Hey, what's taking you so lo-....'
The Civil Lite, wielding an CS-RC, looked me in the eye. Then, a second one entered the room.
'What's up wi- .... WE FOUND THE PRISONER.'
I cursed and headed towards them at a run. Both Lite's opened fire in my direction, but I had already jumped, my back scraping the top of the door as I flipped over them. My landing was not graceful, and I ended up with a faceful of concrete. However, I was on my feet without any pause, while the two soilders were still trying to turn around in the doorjam. I ran as fast as I could, and rounded the corner a couple of yards away, and continued to move down that hallway. The red lights flashed repeatedly as I rounded a second corner. Out of breath, I backed into a doorway and rested for a bit. Surprisingly I had yet to see a single person, which was a great relief. The only question now was how to get to the exit of this bloody prison.
After a few seconds I collected my thoughts and moved out. Because of the alarms, the hallways were dark save the red lights every few yards or so. I tried my best to stay out of the light, but my green armor did not win me any stealth points. I continued to shuffle along the wall for a good minute or so before coming to a corner. I stopped and held my breath. Three Civil Securities, a Boss and two Lites, came up the hallway and took a right turn. Somehow, they did not see me as they moved towards a door. I snuck up behind them, moving slowly. The Boss, oddly enough, was in the back. This would be a bold move. As they opened the first doors I attacked, wrapping my arm around the Boss' neck. He dropped his weapons and the other two Lites turned around to face me. Thinking fast, I threw him towards the guards, who were forced to catch him. I ran once more, slipping by both and sliding under a second door behind the first as they fired in my direction. They continued to shoot at me, the bullets wizzing past me and nipping at my heels like hungry dogs. Seeing some platforms ahead I jumped up. Then I jumpped on the wall and dug my swords in, clinging to it for dear life. I could see the guards as they passed below me. One hopped onto the platform to investigate, trying to see where I had went. The other two were patroling the area. I almost felt safe, though, in the dimmed lights. Then, the Boss.
'Turn the darned lights back on, I can't see crap. Oh, and block that elevator off. There should be a panel for it back at the prison entrance.'
The Lite on top of the platform turned around. I knew I did not have much time. I closed my eyes momentarily and took a deep breath before pushing off of the wall.
'Hey what the-' was all he had time to say before my blades pierced is skull. I fell down on top of him and rolled a small way before standing up.
'Did you hear that? Hey Steve, what's going on up there?' I searched around for a gun that I could use against this soldier's friends, but found none. And here I could have sworn he was carrying an assault rifle.... But I had to move. In front of me were three more platforms. I stood and ran, jumping onto the closer one. The lights snap on, revealing a closed door. I came to a stop.
'Hey Steve, coming up. Did you find that guy yet?'
I check below me, peering down and looking to both sides. One of the three Lites in the area stood ahead of me with it's back turned away from me. The other two are facing the way I came, one scrambling up the platform I was just on. I jumped down onto the one ahead of me, slipping my blades into his back before taking his rifle. Then, I turned around and shot the other Lite, who was just starting to react to the noise I made killing his buddy. As he faced me I put three rounds into his flank and one into his helmit.
'Oh geez Steve is dead! Ermaz, Feleca, keep an eye out for this prick,' the Lite up top ordered.
He ran across the platform, only to meet my bullets head on. He fell and I moved out, back towards the prison.
'Hey, did you miss me?' I asked the Boss who had turned his back towards me while heading towards the door. He had no time to reply, as my blade pierced his armor and his heart. The last two Civils turned and started firing in my direction, but the Boss soaked up the bullets while I returned fire. They went down quickly - two shots in the torso and one to the leg for the closest, and the latter hit by four bullets to the chest. Both were dead before they hit the ground. I activated the panel to open the blocked off door on the other side of the room and made my way across the platforms to an elevator. It started up, ascending into the light....
This was my time.


Spoiler: Show More

As the Marine pressed the door, a huge robot appeared!
Noir Lime got injured by it, but the Marine crushed it with the door. As he finishes the bot, he drags Noir to the ship.
"Wait. Leave me here. I am wounded, and a cabin only for one."
"I do not say farewell."
. . .

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

As the Marine drops off in the life capsule, he is very happy to see Earth again. Although, he saw some Civil Security on the way.

He know they are enemies, so, he killed them. His second encounter is an alien. "Wait, an alien? I thought I destroyed those guys!" As he tried to kill the Usurps, he was interrupted by some Drones.

With luck by his side, he destroyed his enemies.

Entering the base with determination, he ended up with more Usurps. "Man, these are scattering all over the place!"

CHAPTER 2: Even Advanced Than the Others
-35 levels later...-

"Ack, these are harder to beat them than in that planet." he said. Now, he is fighting ghosts. It was really frustrating, actually. "I wish Noir is here..." he said to himself. He continues on the very dangerous journey waiting to be encountered...

On his adventure, he rode on Hound Walkers, teaming up with betrayed enemies, killing ghosts, and his clones, he is very close to Noir though.

Speaking of Noir Lime, where actually is he now?

Chapter 3: What Happened After the End

Before the Marine further on in his adventure, lets rewind back to where he and Noir Lime finished eliminating the Falkok base

"Wait. Leave me here. I am wounded, and a cabin only for one"
"I do not say farewell."
Now, as Noir sees his friend climbing in the Falconian Ship, he said, "Hey! Before you leave me, I need more weapons in case there are more of those aliens." so, he took the rocket launcher, and ray gun. Now, the Marine sets off to Earth.

Meanwhile, Noir Lime finally recovered. Little did he know that there are more Falconians approaching Earth. So he raided each Falcok base one by one.

He fought bravely in battle, and he enjoys killing them as well.

Fortunately, he found another Falconian Ship. But, it was missing a screw, and he didnt notice. So, he climbed to the ship.

Chapter 4: The Only Gal in Town
-In a CS base-

"Ey! What is that for?" a girl voice shouted.
"You should fall for that. We saw you executing one of our top soldiers. Now you will be executed." a Civil Heavy said.

"Well, you will be falling for this!" she said. She kicked the Civil at the stomach. Unfortunately, reinforcements arrived.

"There he is! Get him!" of them said.

She founded some guns and escaped, killing the enemies on the way. Just like the Marine, she encountered some Usurpation Forces. She manages to proceeds on her new life.

Chapter 5: The Unstoppable Trio

As she runs, she bumps to the Marine.

As they get on their feet, they found themselves seeing each other. The Marine pulls out his pistol. "Oi, who are you?" The girl replied "If you are not part of those dumb Civils," He looks around. "Nah. Those dudes? They are idiots."

"Heh. Good thing. My name is Proxy. Whats yours?" The girl said.

The Marine fell silent. Then, "OK. Well, my name is [Insert name here]. While most people calls me The Marine."

So, a couple of dialogues later, they became friends.

One time, they hear a loud spark. "Incoming!!!" Noir Lime shouted. Just because the missing screw he didnt notice, its starting to break apart.

He crashed. Luckily, the Maring healed him.

"Phew! Im alive. Ey, dude!" Noir shouted. He hugs him tightly.

So, with more dialogues, all 3 of them were unstoppable.

Chapter 6: Back to The Past!

The Marine splits up with Proxy and Noir Lime. As he goes, he encountered a bunch of corvettes! It was hard, but they were destroyed due to friendly fire.

Finally, he meets up with the 2. They fight for each other as they approach the Time Machine.

"Aah, how I could relax and watch TV after this intense battle." the Marine said with a smile.

All of them went to the Time Machine.

"Back to the Past!" Noir Lime said as they started teleporting.

To be continued...

. . .
"Bzzt... DESTINATION... UNKNOWN. ENEMIES... INBOUND. WEAPONS... HEAVY RAILGUN." the android said to itself.
"The android is there. We need to eliminate it." said one of the Civil Ghost.
"INCOMING!" shouted the android.
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 Fan Writing Contest: Voting!

Postby Missak » 23 December 2016, 21:02

I find Garuda's story very interesting. It's as though a background story of Proxy herself, good job!

As to Nutkip, I find your story as an other context of the two games and a synopsis of them too, really intriguing :).

But! I think Garuda is going to win this, it's a very deep story, you know what I mean? too much details. even though there are typos here and there, it's still good.
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 Fan Writing Contest: Voting!

Postby The Algerian Commander » 23 December 2016, 22:18

Well... All of their writing contest are absolutely very very very great. But in my vision. I see garuda 1 work as artifact. It make me remember the prison escape trying show in Nat Geo TV.
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 Fan Writing Contest: Voting!

Postby GhostX5 » 24 December 2016, 04:53

Garuda 1's way of fan writing sounds so incredible, amazing and most interesting one. It made me remember some prison escapes from Nat Geo and some dialogues from Dead Frontier (Different one, which you must choose one choice from 4 choices), and some dialogues, the ones from the CS Lites sounded like the enemies from Marine 4: Moving Target.

Missak's way of fan writing, sounds like Garuda's but it's closer to his. Well, I seem to find some acting in this one, like some are desperate, angry.

But for Nutkip, well, I find some small bit of humor, but some sounded like a small reference to a movie Act of Valor.
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 Fan Writing Contest: Voting!

Postby mikey schmidt » 24 December 2016, 04:57

aaargh! i dont know wich one!

garuda : he's a cool person
missak : she motivates person
nutkiplit : he's a good guy too

i dont know wich one to vote...
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 Fan Writing Contest: Voting!

Postby Incompetence » 24 December 2016, 05:03

mikey schmidt wrote:aaargh! i dont know wich one!

garuda : he's a cool person
missak : she motivates person
nutkiplit : he's a good guy too

i dont know wich one to vote...

vote based on the quality of the writing, not the quality of the writer

anyways, garuda's story was the most interesting to me, it's obv he put a lot of effort in like everyone else did but it shows more here so i vote for his story
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 Fan Writing Contest: Voting!

Postby mikey schmidt » 24 December 2016, 05:25

i say garuda is the best ( i wish i can use that teleport to go back in time and make my own )
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 Fan Writing Contest: Voting!

Postby Resi » 29 December 2016, 05:42

I'll need the winners to Pm their wanted drawing.
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