[DECORS]How to make gun/holdable decor.

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[DECORS]How to make gun/holdable decor.

Postby Xier44 » 18 November 2019, 16:26

A lot of people dont know how to make guns from decor or holdable decor.

The tutorial how to make that:

1)Place a invisible gun and decoration
2)Move decoration to gun model (not decor model,decor square with #decor*)
3)Use last trigger command in Decoration
4)In decor use Y and X offset,or it will weird look in your hand.Need move decoration model to decor square (#decor*).
5)If its not a gun use parameter "Force gun 'A' shoot 'B' projectives per shot".And in projectives set it to 0.
If its a gun you can change projective or reload time.
6) Play!

If it needs resize first resize decoration and then follow 3),4) and 5) steps.
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Re: [DECORS]How to make gun/holdable decor.

Postby Hydra-Dragon » 9 March 2020, 02:16

i need a little bit more simple explanation its just that my gun flips for some reason and it doesn't shoot i'm looking forward to your response because I really want to create this gun.

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