Adding Music to Custom Maps (Newgrounds, In-Depth)

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Adding Music to Custom Maps (Newgrounds, In-Depth)

Postby BravoSixGT » 27 July 2019, 23:50

So! You've decided you want to make a custom map. Well, you've made the ground work, the map is in order, and everything is in place. Now you just want to replace that boring default combat music that plays with something a bit more not-bland. Well, fear not! With the use of a special feature, we can change that drab music for you.

First off, you want to start by opening your level editor. The advanced level editor can be found here

Make sure to open the correct map. Next, you want to find a button that looks like this:

Once you find this button, click it, then click anywhere on your map to place a music or song mark. These are what allow you to play songs.

After you place your music mark, make sure you have a song ready. For this example, we'll be using Newgrounds.
You can find the Newgrounds Audio section here In order to use a song from Newgrounds, it must meet some requirements first:
    1. The song must have at least 10 votes
    2. The song must be under 10 MB (Megabytes)
    3. The song must have a rating of 6+ out of 10 or 3+ Stars
    4. The song must be downloadable

Once you find a suitable song, copy and paste the URL into the URL box of the music mark, like so:

(The full song URL is

After you add your desired song, you need to create a trigger that will play the song when activated. This trigger action can be found here:

But you need to activate the trigger for the song to play. Activating triggers can be done through a number of methods, including but not limited to:
    1. Timers
    2. Buttons
    3. Player Character activated regions
    4. Trigger on death

After you activate the trigger, the song will play for a period of time depending on the settings of the music mark. Experiment! Don't forget to have fun with your map designs!

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