self-teleport to anywhere

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self-teleport to anywhere

Postby Cpt Epsilon Tex » 25 June 2016, 07:48

First step:

Make a trigger: (3options in one trigger)
REGION>> Move Region 'A' at player-initiator (let's call it R)
REGION>>Move Region 'A' at player-initiator's cursor (let's call it C)

Make another trigger:
REGION>>Teleport all players from region 'A' to region 'B' (so from region R to region C)


Make two regions,but keep attention,the two regions must be the size of the player
Region R as we call it must be:

Activation on:
TRIGGER (without button) <<so USE key cant be visible

Now put a timer in for the first trigger with two options so it will be launched at the start.

And finish, all you gotta do is aim at the place you wanna teleport and press E.
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Re: self-teleport to anywhere

Postby ECC9 » 11 July 2016, 20:00

Very good tutorial.

Now i know how to self-teleport ^_^

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Re: self-teleport to anywhere

Postby Civil-Lite » 11 July 2016, 22:39

Mmm its a good basic tutorial, not bad :)
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Re: self-teleport to anywhere

Postby mmmmm975 » 4 July 2019, 23:48

this is too vague i cant get it to work

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Re: self-teleport to anywhere

Postby Oriental » 5 July 2019, 18:39

Nice, that's all I have to say like people do without any explanation that why it's nice lol.
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