New triggers shortly explained [PB2 update!]

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Re: New triggers shortly explained [PB2 update!]

Postby FABOSS » 6 September 2020, 01:43

Can string variables actually be used as containers? If its not possible it would be really cool
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SetHint( Text , "0" );
VarSetValue( "Text", "Epic Gamer Text" );

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Re: New triggers shortly explained [PB2 update!]

Postby Nyove » 7 September 2020, 16:21


Trigger actions that does not explicitly state the usage of variables will not work with variables.
Exceptions are the show text as well as the show hint trigger actions. Therefore, in your case, it will work if you set a variable before using the show hint trigger action.

Because of this, it is a good practice to name your variables with a symbol prefix, for an example ~Text, so if you want to print the literal String 'Text', the trigger will treat it as a literal String and not a variable.

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