How do I recover a lost account?

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How do I recover a lost account?

Postby enriched » 22 January 2019, 23:05

I want to recover an account that allows me to rate and give feedback to maps, the name was " extremepaintballz " I just want to use this account to rate maps and give feedback to the map creator, I tried recovering the account via email but it gave me this sort of error. I'm sick and tired off not being able to rate and review maps. With this account recovered I will be able to rate and review maps, thank you if you do recover it.

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Re: How do I recover a lost account?

Postby Silent Aurora » 26 January 2019, 15:11

You can contact a head moderator (zap for example) or any of the admins (active ones such as doomwrath) for a manual password reset. Just send them the account link along with the email you registered the account with.
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Re: How do I recover a lost account?

Postby Tempus » 28 January 2019, 17:19

If you're still having problems, contact an Administrator or Eric.

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