Postby JacobeKun » 15 March 2019, 00:41

I have been registering through different devices but i always get prohibited proxy claim thing? Now how do i register?

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Postby Eric Gurt » 15 March 2019, 09:47

Most probably reason why it happened to you is due to dynamic IP binding from Internet Service Provider (ISP can randomly give you IP address that was used by somebody else who've been running VPN/Proxy node earlier). There are some other cases like vulnerable routers and viruses but I think that shouldn't be the case.

From time to time we disallow account creation from IP addresses that been blacklisted for unusual activity on other websites (too many requests, automated spam), which most probably means that your current IP address is was or being used as VPN. VPNs are not a particularly bad thing, but these are sometimes used to avoid bans on PB2.

It does not mean PB2 website does try to stop you from making new accounts. Usually this problem is temporary, but when it happens - it is best to report it.

Tell me if problem still happens to you.
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Postby Quarantined » 12 April 2019, 01:13

I have no more problems in registering an account now because i made it in another device/browser so I guess i could say it was fixed now. But thank you sir Eric for making me understand why it occurs because i thought it was some sort of deep freeze blocking the connection of the server. But i was wrong so i appreciate your reply sir Eric

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