Custom Music does not work

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Custom Music does not work

Postby fsaf222 » 2 October 2018, 06:35

Custom Music Won't play very often! :nope:
Also Game Version Mismatch today!

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Re: Custom Music does not work

Postby ReversedEdges » 16 November 2018, 18:38

Provide us with more detail pal.
If the custom music kicks you from the map, you need to use a free music archive; the only music source Eric Gurt approved.
If you can't hear the music, you need to set the bitrate to the one provided in the FMA music page.
If the song doesn't loop:
- Make one timer with 0 delay triggering the music trigger.
- Add another timer with infinity calls. Set it to the lenght of the music.
- Add a trigger action that activates the timer.
- Set that timer to activate the music trigger.
- Make sure to set the trigger to infinity calls too.

Game Version Mismatch is an uncommon bug. Most likely something broke with the game script, or anything lol.
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