help :((

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help :((

Postby mariostartwww » 19 July 2018, 14:53

I don't know what is happening . I just played in one normal map . and in one moment in the chat start spamimng -

i am g*y . so much times . and it write i was told that . and near it writes ,, ( my name ) joined in the room .

and thise so so much times . i left and join again . then it just start to write on my screen in the chat :

,, empty left the game '' so much times . i think thise is hacker . what to do ? :(

Pls help :(

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Re: help :((

Postby phsc » 19 July 2018, 15:54

u prob joined a random map that had that as a trigger
in theory u can report the map
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