Plazma Burst 2 : General Requirements and Known Issues

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Plazma Burst 2 : General Requirements and Known Issues

Postby Protonoid » 11 September 2016, 06:28

- General Requirements -

-- Standalone Software Requirements :

--- Operating System :
Minimum :
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#XP or later

#One that supports a stable/alpha version of Flash Player
- Outdated Flash Player 11 [MINIMUM]

#Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
#Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) w/ Power PC processor

Recommended :
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#Windows 7

#One that supports a latest version of Flash Player w/ Firefox and Chromium Support
- Flash Player 18 or later

#Mac OS X 10.6+

--- Flash Player :
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- A stable version of Flash Player
-- Flash Player 18 [MINIMUM]
-- Flash Player 19 [Linux/OS X)

- Latest version of Flash Player
-- Flash Player 20 or Later [RECOMMENDED]

--- Browser :
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- Any Browser that supports Flash Player 18+ [MINIMUM]
- A browser that supports Flash Player 20+ [RECOMMENDED]

- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox
- Maxthon
- MS Edge

- IE 9+
- Safari (MAC)

--- Direct X :
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*Direct X is not directly required to play flash games
but Direct X 9+ should be considered for a better gaming experience [STILL OPTIONAL]

-- Hardware Requirements :
--- RAM
512 mb [MINIMUM]

Dual core 0.8 Ghz CPU [MINIMUM]
Quad Core 1.5 Ghz CPU [RECOMMENDED]

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Memory 256 mb [MINIMUM]
Memory 1 gb [RECOMMENDED]

Refresh rate of 30ghz
Recommended 50ghz

Hardware Acceleration should be ENABLED for better gaming experience

-- Online/Internet Capabilities :
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A fast internet access does not guarantee good Multiplayer gaming experience due to :
- Server Placement
- Hardware/Software instability

However ;
A connection of 4 MBPS speed (to ISP) giving 1/8th of it ; i.e 500 kbps to internet if you are close to a server and your hardware and software part is supported well..

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*Minimum Requirements
are general requirements to run the game.
are not tested for any kind of gameplay support.

*Recommend Requirements does not guarantee a smooth and non-laggy gameplay.

- Known Issues -

-- Lag :

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Lag is a noticeable delay of information between the User's Client and the server. Often confused with FPS (lag) Frames Per Second. Causing problems in your multiplayer gaming experience, delay/slowness due to a relatively high PING/LATENCY.

-- Glitching (Through walls/Projectiles/etc) :
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Glitches occurs when your GAMEPLAY PERFORMANCE SETTINGS are set to low (Effects and FPS) or when your PC is on the minimum level to play or experiencing lag.

This also happens when the map maker has not overlapped walls properly (CUSTOM MAPS). It becomes easy to glitch in that case.

Generally, You character glitches/surpasses through walls and gun projectiles or responds late. Enemies also turn more laggy and glitchy. Selfboost and rendering are best affected.

-- Rendering Problems :
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If there is a huge amount of lights/triggers/walls/characters in a CUSTOM MAP, it can lead to rendering problems that ultimately lead to Lag and Glitches. To prevent this, Everything should be limited to a specific amount.

Your graphics card/some other hardware (if at its low) can also cause rendering problems leading to LAG and GLITCHES.

-- Campaign Progress Lost :
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There are reasons due to which your campaign progress is lost. These reasons can be limited local storage, progress not synchronized properly with the server or playing after a long time. This progress can not be brought back but, however, can be prevented in the future.
Read Section 1

-- Sudden disconnection
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Sudden disconnection can happen due to various reasons :
- Problems with Wireless Cards : SOLUTION
- Poor WiFi/Internet connection
- Global Location
- Such other reasons

-- Sudden rise in Ping/latency
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Your Ping can rise automatically without any standalone and connection changes. This generally due to server instability and goes back to normal after some time.

- Known Errors -
(source : Level Editor manual - Old and Advanced

-- When you start a map :
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Error #2015 - On the map there are no walls, or they take too little space.

Error #1009 - Non-existent weapons/barrels/vehicles. Possible model of some of the object being misspelled. Also, you may receive an error if the map has more than 99 barrels, weapons, vehicles or characters. Also, sometimes an error occurs if you set extra spaces in the name for example "gun_shotgun " instead of "gun_shotgun".

Just a black screen - It is possible that you have not added any player in the map.

Error #1095 - Too many objects. The map should contain not more than 99 objects of each type (99 characters, 99 weapons, 99 vehicles, 99 barrels). Number of walls, lights, background and doors - not limited.

Error #1090 - Identical to the Error #1095. Also possible in cases when symbols " or < or > used (in parameters of any object) . Use double ' instead of " to make your map work.

Error #1095 - If the previous description does not fit - please contact the main Plazma Burst 2 game's developer.

Error #1502 - Map loads too long (longer than 15 seconds. Note: loading time can be different at different computers). In most of cases this problem connected with large count of shadow calculations, to avoid this try to decrease count of lamps, or make zones of shadow calculation smaller, or descrease quality of shadows with help of Engine Mark with parameter Mark set to shadowmap_size and parameter Parametr set to larger value.

-- During Gameplay :
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Game "freezes" - Maybe that was called by executing of Trigger, the parameters of which has logical or syntax errors. Also problem can be in Object which makes attempt to call the Trigger.

Lot of code-like text appears on Save (like <player x="170" y="-139" uid="#hero" tox="0" toy="0" hea="500" ...) - Connection problem happened durning Saving operaition. It is better to Save map again till this message disappear. Otherwise you can lost your map and appeared code will not help you to revive it back.

More :
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Please consider checking the above before posting a bug.
If you have something to add ; You can PM me!
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