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Rating bug

Postby MLGed » 30 November 2015, 03:43

I have been on Plamza burst 2 for a while and it still says im too new to rate? What do I do???

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Re: Rating bug

Postby Hikarikaze » 30 November 2015, 04:01

Get 200+ kills on your account. You'll be able to rate afterwards. It's been like this so people don't farm rates on their own maps with alts.
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Re: Rating bug

Postby Wardemption » 2 December 2015, 02:50

Lol, this isn't a bug then.
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Re: Rating bug

Postby KIRIAKOS GR96 » 2 December 2015, 13:54

you need 200+ kills to be able to rate maps
as Hikarikaze said
thats not a bug
topic locked since the question is answered

if you get 200+ kills and you are not able to rate pm me to unlock the topic
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