Game text missing?

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Game text missing?

Postby gordonwater » 9 November 2015, 01:40

On firefox, I can't see it even I rated a map. I can see people chatting, round starting and ending with team w/l. But I can't see the text that mapmakers set up and such. On goolge chrome its fine

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Re: Game text missing?

Postby lion fang » 10 November 2015, 16:10

Play on Chrome anyway, it's best to play PB2 on chrome, opera or safari ( i think) I'm sure that it's th reason you have this bug

lion fang

Re: Game text missing?

Postby Niro 1 » 10 November 2015, 17:37

What version of firefox do you use? If its an old version, update it.

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Re: Game text missing?

Postby NNC » 10 November 2015, 17:42

I heard that there was a similar problem with in-game censorship, maybe it could be the reason? (Just a suggestion, don't shoot, k?)

@lion fang
These are only required for the Advanced Level Editor, not for the game itself.
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