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Postby EOw » 7 April 2020, 20:56

We have wonderful staff here at PB2(With our Moderators, and Admins, and of course Eric Gurt), but what if we were able to have a President?

Yes, a President.

My idea is to have a player that could serve as the President of Plazma Burst for 10 months. The President would just make sure that everyone is following the rules, can help players, and could approve maps for other people. If the President abuses his power, then he can be impeached by the admins.

However, there are some rules to being a President:

1. You must be 13 or older

2. You must have had an account for three months

3. You must have 100 or more votes to become President

4. You don't need to have a Discord

What do you think of this idea?

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Re: President

Postby mrblake213 » 7 April 2020, 22:01

Topic locked as similar post already exists.
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