Just Came Back :3

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Just Came Back :3

Postby ustopable » 5 August 2018, 00:37

Hi guys you know me for the Forum Game Synthesia and some map ideas.

"Huh what happened?"

So i have 2 computers. One is the weak one while the other is the strong one. So the weak one has access to PB2 while the other computer is IP banned. The time came when I was making a map and at the same time my brother and sister is connected at my Wifi. When I refreshed well I got IP Banned but I still got Forum Access atleast. I requested to lift my IP Ban and if went smoothly. When I typed my login and password well.... I got IP Banned. I deducted that tbere is something wrong with our internet conection so the last thing I want to do is to connect to the forums to keep the forum game alive. An IP Ban Lift after you got IP Ban Lift is pretty bad to send to Eric so I didn't request a Lift

My account is logged out in the forums and I need to login in the official site which is i'm IP Banned. So I thought, Oh I need to take a break from this game.

And now i'm here again. I just visited and was shocked to see my IP ban Lifted
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Re: Just Came Back :3

Postby Albzter » 6 August 2018, 15:59

꧁ Albzter ꧂
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Re: Just Came Back :3

Postby Kostadin 8 » 6 August 2018, 20:50

Albzter wrote:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLUkgRAy_Vo
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Re: Just Came Back :3

Postby Pixelbyte » 8 August 2018, 21:57


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Re: Just Came Back :3

Postby Ayano » 9 August 2018, 02:12

So far nothing new has happend soo yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Re: Just Came Back :3

Postby 49er » 10 August 2018, 02:22

That 20 year old boomer who still plays Plazma Burst
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Re: Just Came Back :3

Postby wreak » 16 August 2018, 19:49

Albzter wrote:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLUkgRAy_Vo

too much...
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Re: Just Came Back :3

Postby Resi » 26 August 2018, 19:01

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Re: Just Came Back :3

Postby Civil-Lite » 27 August 2018, 03:47

Hello there. We have been waiting c:
"Sup forever alone. Do you want to do something alive or are you just gonna sit down on your a** all day like a loser? It's simple, so just go on by and play Plazma Burst 2. Well easy!"

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