About Plazma League: Can we watch it?

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About Plazma League: Can we watch it?

Postby SZAN » 24 June 2018, 06:03

I know that the question sounds silly, but the thing is that I don't plan on taking part of the Plazma League at all. Two reasons:

Number One: I am not good at the game. I can get about three, four kills maybe? Then I'll get like 50 Deaths or so. I'm not even good at the campaign! Hell, I had trouble in the EASY mode of the campaign when I finally reached Proxy's storyline. So yeah, taking part of the league is kind of out of reach from me.

Number Two: I want to see how good players play the game. You see, if I want to improve (even though my internet sucks and the lag is REAL), I think I should learn by watching the best. Seeing professional players fighting professional players sounds awesome for me to watch with a few other people in the Plazma Burst community AND so I can see if I can learn a couple of things.

So, the question is: Can I watch the Plazma League somehow? And if I can, can I watch it Live, like a livestream?
I think this would be a nice way for me to comment on what's going on while watching with some people of the community. Specially because I love a good talk while watching something.

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Re: About Plazma League: Can we watch it?

Postby Silent Aurora » 24 June 2018, 12:45

That's absolutely fine, come join the PL server https://discord.gg/W4WZ6Ek

Just verify your account there (instructions are in the verification channel, you can ask a staff there if you need help.)

You can simply spectate the matches as teams play. Matches begin two weeks from now, they are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
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