Custom MapsSol [MP] by silverteen11 (silverteen11-sol)
Map name:   Sol [MP] 
Map ID:   silverteen11-sol
Votes:   26
Multiplayer matches started:   2496
Map preview:  
Map description:   A group of Civil Security Forces wander around the streets of Tokyo, finding a metro with clear signs of past survivors. Immediately, the Civil Security Forces lockdown any escape routes and begin to search for Bandits to eliminate.


Lite Railgun.
CS Pistol.
Alien Rifle.
2 Grenades.
1 Teleport & Shield Nade.
And of course the Defibrillator.
Walkthrough Video:   -
Max Players:   8
Map Designer:   silverteen11 
Map Source:   Open source [ View in Level Editor ]
Instant demo link:   http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=silverteen11-sol



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